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Keeping it fun..

Glass and tin are materials that can be recycled with a lesson.  Glass is especially fun to recycle with very young children because it must be differentiated by color.  And as we know, all children love playing with color.  Tin recycling allows for a little more of what would be considered typical childlike fun because all labels must be removed before this type of can will be able to go to a center.  So let them get creative in the way they destroy those labels.  Any mess made is just another way to demonstrate strong work ethics to your children.

Plastic recycling is a great way to introduce older children to recycling on a bit of a different level.  Once they become familiar with the number codes that we all know and love, they will be able to decide what can be kept for home use and what needs to be sent to a center.  A deeper knowledge of plastic codes will not only demonstrate their various applications but will also teach a young child about the potential impact these various plastics will have on our environment.  

Paper, Paper, Paper

Now we get to paper, which is a blast for young kids because it is –everywhere- and comes in so many, many forms.  More often than not, recycling of paper materials will begin at home as a chance to use the paper in ways far different than it was intended for.  Of course, we all know about the cardboard box fort.  When your buy a new refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, or any other large size item, give your kids a shot at building a castle or maybe even the dreaded “hamster tube” that runs the entire length of your house.  Don’t worry though, this is a great way to not only find a second use before the boxes are shipped out but also allow the child to develop 3 dimensional artistic skills.  Who knows, your young recycler may end up an environmental architect.  While it might be the future, we are certainly in short supply today.

Newspapers and milk cartons are great source as well.  A little know fact about a milk carton is that after recycling one single liter size carton could produce up to 5 sheets of paper.  Newspapers and silly putty can be a busy parents best friend and paper grocery bags are just as useful.  Both allow, again, for a child to express their artistic side while also learning a respect for the world around them.

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