Keep it in the Garden…

A little lesser known or thought of practice of recycling is, you guessed it, composting for your garden.  I can’t think of a single child I know who doesn’t like to get dirty, if only to get under their parents skin.  Composting will teach a child about the true nature of recycling, the natural cycle of life and death.  Much study is involved with proper composting so here we have another opportunity to strengthen and sharpen their minds.  Mom can help with saving the high carbon items needed such as additive free papers, wood ash and dried leaves while Dad teaches how to gather high nitrogen items like vegetable scraps from last year’s garden, farm manure if it is readily available, lawn clippings and weeds.  And of course, kids just love to gather weeds.


The more that we get by outdated concepts like the “25% is the most we can hope to recycle” idea, that land fills are more cost-effective and sound that recycling centers, that landfills create more jobs and security in non-urban areas…the more important it becomes for us to teach our children the truth of these matters and get them on the right track towards a healthier, happier, more productive environment.  And thankfully, the more they practice these ideas on the outside, the more they will reshape themselves on the inside.

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