Aluminum Cans

“…the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.”  This classic sung best by Whitney Houston has quite a message behind it.  One of the most important lessons that we can pass on to our children and future generations is the understanding and respect of our environment.  The simplest way to get a child started early on is right in your own house.   Teach them to recycle!  Many parents may look at this as an extra hassle.  In fact, it is a way to bond with your children over something very important while teaching them the beginnings of a healthy respect for our world and the habitat we live in.  With the right instruction mixed with a lot of love, our children may grow up to be anything from recycler to local environmental activist.

Where to start…

There are so many materials that we use on a daily basis that can be recycled.  Teaching your child about these products and how to properly dispose of them will drastically change the “footprint” they leave on the planet as they grow into adulthood.  Games such as “Name that material”, or recycling cans set up as basketball hoops can lead to hours of fun with something that otherwise could be considered boring and tedious.  Of course in a child’s mind this translates to “chores.”

Aluminum cans abound and are the most widely recycled of all consumer containers.  Aluminum tends to bring in quite a bit of money at recycling centers leaving parents the option of teaching their children a work ethic and respect for the dollar.  Cans are often donated to non-profit organizations which may provide an avenue to help the child grasp concepts such as sharing, giving, empathy for others, and the joy that comes from giving to someone in need.  Because the centers rely on the consumer / collector to bring the cans to them in suitable condition, our children and we must do our part to ensure that the cans are in a decent condition to be recycled.  After all, a smaller receiving center may be put out of business if the larger processing plants they sell to reject their contract because of “cheater cans” that contain water or rocks crushed in with the load.  Therefore, the onus is one the parent to teach honesty in the way we recycle.  The point is that recycling is the reward in itself while and monetary compensation is simply a bonus to be enjoyed; an instant karma if you will.

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