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Fun Recycling Facts for Kids

04 April, 19:14, by admin

Even as adults we don’t follow through on our responsibility to recycle.  But where it is dangerous is that our futures are so dependent on it but it’s not on the forefront of our minds.  Our children are our future, but it is also their future.  There are many recycling activities that kids can take part of – but they should know the importance and results of recycling.  Being educated as a child is first and foremost important. Here are some leading facts about recycling for kids.

  • Saving Space in Landfills – Garbage can take up a lot of space in landfills.  Having too much waste in these landfills is dangerous for the environment and it is especially dangerous to the wildlife that exists in the area. Wildlife can go into landfills taking items like plastic, aluminum and rubber – to dangerous results. This should never happen and we should always have the best interests of our environment in mind.
  • Energy Saving – Recycling also reduces pollution but it allows us to save energy.  Saving energy is going to be important in the upcoming years as it will be undetermined how much energy we can rely on.  Today it is taken for granted.  No one knows where our energy will be coming from in the future.  But options are being explored.
  • Pollution Reduction – Yes, even the air and water is affected by how much we recycle.  Recycling does help with reducing the amounts of waste that we experience on a daily basis.  Reducing our pollution will provide healthier lives, allowing us to live a much more quality of life.

These are only a few facts about recycling.  The recycling facts for kids are being more and more ingrained into them at young ages, but it is important to note that recycling can take place for any age, under any circumstance.  Common recyclable items are: aluminum, rubber, plastic, batteries, metal, thermometers, pots and pans, and Styrofoam.  All of these items exist in our environment in some capacity – and they are in our homes.  Undoubtedly there is something in our homes that is recyclable but if you have any question as to what it is, don’t hesitate to ask someone.

Rest assured that no matter where you live there is a recycling center nearby.  Recycling is a key component to saving our environment and saving our resources.  The affects of it are subtle, but it all has a nice payoff in the end. Our world depends on it. It is never too late to get started.